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Thank you!

Thank you for choosing us, supporting our mission, and helping us exceed our goal on North Texas Giving Day (NTxGD.) This enables us to support our families, embracing as many as six children per household. It also helps us provide shelter in safe homes for more foster children. We are thankful for the Carl C. Anderson Foundation Challenge grant, $75,000. We will now be able to move forward on Home #3.

We understand that the choices are numerous when it comes to supporting a charity. Our mission is to make a difference in foster care with an innovative project of a community with eight to ten independent foster homes in one central location. With this outpouring of support, our message seems to be heard.

There were over 3000 Charities represented on NTxGD, and it can be overwhelming to select just one, so we cannot thank you enough for choosing to help us make a difference. A big thank you to theCommunities Foundation of Texas for hosting and coordinating this event.

Thank you for investing in us as an organization. We are 100% volunteer based, without a national reputation that began with heart and passion. Westarted four years ago with only an idea and a mission operating on faith. Thank you for investing in our story, Colleen and I being, former foster sisters who decided to tackle this project as a startup. We have learned to be patient, persistent, resilient, and committed to this cause, and the support will follow, and it has.

It is hard to explain how so much work can bring so much joy. That joy is in the faces of the kids we are helping. That joy makes it all worthwhile. We have just gotten started raising the roof and raising funds for home #3 in our community so that we can help more children. That is pure joy. We can and are helping one child at a time, one home at a time.

We are committed to building our village debt-free, receiving no state or federal funds, which means we rely on you, our donors, to help us help kids. Sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

Susie and her “Mighty team” are supporting a “mighty cause,” indeed.

Founder and President


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