Message From The President

Susie Black Holamon, President

Welcome to GEARY FOSTER FOUNDATIONS, a “foster home community” in North Texas. 

We are building homes to build lives because we believe every child deserves a safe home!

I am Susie Black Holamon, President and Founder of the Geary Girls Ranch North DBA Geary Foster Foundations. I was in foster care in Dallas from the age of 12 to 17 years old. The community is a tribute and a legacy to Joe and Charlotte Geary, who were instrumental in me and my siblings receiving good foster care.The success I have achieved in my life can be attributed to their care and support. I am a retired teacher, I have been married for over 42 years, and I have raised two sons. I have written my story, My Five Moms, and immersed myself in the foster care system. I have been a mentor and a respite to the Ebby House girls (a transitional home for girls who have aged out of the system and are part of the Juliette Fowler Communities in Dallas) and a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). I was a CASA to a teenage girl who was in the foster care system for five years. Tragically, during the 5 years in the system, she had 13 different placements and nine different caseworkers. She has now aged out of the system and has become another statistic.


Because of these experiences, I recognize the need for change in the foster care system and I am on a mission to “pay it forward” to a new generation of displaced children. Geary Foster Foundations is building a “blueprint” for a “foster home community” that will serve as a foundation for foster homes in the future. We have researched three successful “foster home communities” in Oklahoma, and we are inspired to recreate and implement their innovative model in Texas.


​We are building a “foster home community” because every child deserves a safe home!  Each home will be an independent foster home, with licensed foster parents, and will be equipped to care for up six children at any given time. These homes, in one centralized location, enables Geary Foster Foundations and the surrounding communities to provide mentors, volunteers, therapeutic and educational programs necessary for the children to heal from the trauma, neglect and abuse they have experienced. This community of support and programs will give parents the opportunity to focus on building healthy relationships while guiding each child to a successful future. Statistics show, failure among foster parents is directly related to the isolation they feel and the lack of support received that is necessary to effectively meet the needs of each child.  Geary Foster Foundations will provide a community of support that will empower parents and children to reach their full potential.

Meet Our Parents

Katie and Jerryd have been married for 18 years and have 2 amazing biological children;  Will (15) and McKenna (14). Together, the family believes fostering is their calling. Katie has spent much of her time investing in children whether watching them in their home or through ministry with the church and Jerryd has been called to a ministry of counseling those in need. 


Jerryd received a master’s degree in Theology from SMU and a master’s degree in Counseling from Liberty University.  Jerryd has spent 10 years counseling through Hospice in Grayson County and has now opened an office in Gunter, Tx. Hope for Home Counseling is a non-profit counseling agency focused on building stronger families and stronger communities.

“We truly feel that it is our calling to try and help these children transition through a difficult stage in their life; to find meaning and make sense of a truly confusing and painful situation.  This is not an easy task and it takes being open minded with the desire to persevere which can result in many gifts in return.  These children need someone to walk alongside them while they learn to trust since they have been hurt and are trying to understand what their future holds. We want to help guide them through this, allowing them the space to do so and hope to fulfill the mission of building stronger families and communities. Geary Foster Foundations has the same vision for their community.  We are excited to be part of something where an entire community will focus on giving foster children a loving home environment as they develop a strong sense of self at a volatile time in their lives. We are so thankful for this opportunity to be part of Geary Foster Foundations.”   


-Katie and Jerryd Wallace

“A Tribute to Joe and Charlotte Geary”

Geary Foster Foundations evolved from the charitable spirit that Joe and Charlotte Geary demonstrated throughout their lives. Joe and Charlotte were insightful and sensitive to the needs of others and humble and gracious in their service. Fifty plus years ago, together with the East Dallas Exchange Club, Joe and Charlotte established a faith-based foster home that offered stability, permanency, encouragement and guidance to three teenagers in their neighborhood. Today, Geary Foster Foundations is built on those same principals.

Colleen Geary Patton (daughter of Joe and Charlotte Geary) and Susie Black Holamon (foster child who lived with the Geary’s) have joined together to build HOMES for children who have been displaced. Together, they believe that what their foster home community will provide for young children experiencing homelessness is vital to their transition to independence. Their vision and passion is to offer a home where young children have the opportunity to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and physically in order to realize their full potential. Both Colleen and Susie feel blessed that the example Joe and Charlotte set forth consistently through their lives has inspired them to carry on their legacy through Geary Foster Foundations.

Meet The Board

Susie Holamon, President

Carol Warren, Director

Colleen Geary Patton, Vice President

Cynthia Prange, Director

Gwendolyn Spence, Secretary

Nancy Pinson, Director

Lezlie MacElroy, Treasurer

Dawnita Williams,


Wilma Bush,

Advisory Board


P.O. Box 49, Collinsville, Texas 76233
email: info@gearyfosterfoundations.com
phone: 325-338-9742


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