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2018 is going to be a very good year!

Santa brought us a 501(c)(3)!!

What does that mean?

I, personally, feel that God has blessed our mission and our vision for the Geary Girls Ranch with such a timely response from the IRS.

We were, and still are, a non-profit organization in Texas. Many have already donated to us and are able to have a tax benefit using our EIN number. The 501(c)(3) now allows us to qualify and submit applications to foundations that require this status in order to make donations on behalf of their donors. We also hope to secure partnerships, sponsorships, and donations from corporations, businesses, churches, and organizations that may require 501(c)(3) status. With this new avenue for fundraising, we are even more determined to open our doors this year.

Please continue to check in with us on our website to keep up with our progress. We look forward to a very blessed year with your continued support.


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