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North Texas Geary Girls Ranch will provide homes for displaced children with licensed foster parents in each home. Each home will operate as an independent foster home where the parents follow the guidelines put in place by the Department of Family Protective Services. The families have the benefit of the use of all facilities on the ranch and the opportunity to participate in all programs offered. The sense of community and the support will be in one centralized location. 



The programs at the Ranch will be focused on offering assistance to children when their families are no longer able to provide for their basic care. 

Our program offers a structured family environment with a maximum of 6 children in each home with licensed foster parents. Working as a family unit, the children will share in the daily chores and responsibilities of the home while learning important life skills. Under the guidance of a loving and compassionate parents, the children will have structure that will be set by the parents that will include rules and guidelines and that are in place to maintain a normal and healthy family environment.

Our programs will include tutoring, art therapy, music therapy, spiritual guidance, animal therapy, gardening, dance, exercise, church and school activities offered in the surrounding communities.Our goal is to equip each child with the necessary tools to become a productive, successful member of society. Education will be a priority at the Ranch and programs will be in place to help the children achieve their full academic potential. 

In our community environment, parents and children will share common goals and activities and be able to support and help each other.



We take pride in the family atmosphere to be created on the ranch. Ultimately, the parents in each home will have the final say as to the “family of children” that they want to help grow, nurture and love. The decision will then be made to bring the children into their home. DFPS will request the placement of children at the ranch at the onset thru the parents and placement will be confirmed when they know that these children they will benefit from their care and be a good fit for their family.


P.O. Box 49, Collinsville, Texas 76233
phone: 325-338-9742

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